Hiding Under the Bed

I lift the skirt of the bed
And I find my dog hiding there in a terrified lump.
A heap of nerves – he’s shaking and he can’t stop,
And I move close to him,
And I put my hand down to slowly stroke his head,
And I say “It’s ok.”
I say it’s ok because sometimes,
Sometimes I’m scared of the vacuum cleaner too.
And I think he understands,
At least for a dog.

And I think that’s what love is:
Pretending you’re scared of something really silly,
So that the person you’re with doesn’t feel alone,
Or ashamed,
Or embarrassed,
And you both feel scared together –
Two souls in one terrified lump,
Hiding under the bed,
Until you’re both ready to come out
And face the vacuum cleaner, together.


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